Thursday, November 24, 2022

Presented by my new Scanner!

Look at how quickly it scans and saves these cards.  Scanning both sides of the cards at the same time.
I should be able to process all my cards this month and get any extras ready to sale.  The New Year has so much to look forward too with this new equipment.  


The last thing I was able to get done at the Sunshine Post Card Club was pick up these adorable Busy Persons Correspondence Cards.  There was a whole section of them. It has become an obsession for me at this point.  Even thinking of upgrading them to new designs and updated comments.  Let me know what you think.  Would you want to send a new Busy Person's Postcard?  What would you name a line of postcards based on this style if you wanted to update the look and style?  I am all ears πŸ‘‚ regarding any ideas. Stop in and let me know. 

search #MobileMediaMania and let me know what you think, anywhere!  

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