Friday, November 11, 2022

Things are looking up 👆

    The post office box has been picking up lately.  It's on the way to town so when DHubby and I are finished with our grocery shopping we drop by to pick up the mail.  It's a wonderful feeling, the excitement of wonder. "Is there going to be anything in the box this week" has been replaced with "I wonder who wrote us this time." Since we also are employed FULL TIME with too much overtime, It can be challenging to keep up with the pursuits of our passion. Papi also has a couple hobbies that keep us occupied.

     My postcard blog is running way behind.  So for a few weeks, I may just post what has arrived and shipped out lately instead of trying to wait to write an article to go with them.  It's the cards themselves that what are bringing the joy in the first place.  It's a shame to not get them shared in a timely manner.  Then I may also have a few minutes to work on the sales pages and postcards shops I'm hoping to get set up.  I am also trying to get stream live on different platforms while playing with my postcard collection to keep people current with the progress.  You can catch the clips on Twitch or YouTube Shorts.  Let's see how it goes and roll with what works.  

    Here is what came in and left through October, besides the RAoC Forms. 


LaLa 👋