Friday, October 7, 2022

Time Saver Postcards Part 1️⃣

Hola Hola 👋 

    These cards are adorable! The introduction to these was finding some in a 🗃 box I purchased at the flea market.  They ignited my imagination. On my computer there is a special file of ideation, thinking about how could I morph this into something else.  A copy of these cards always end up here.  The ideation file is busting at the seams, too.  But back to these Time Saver postcards.  

    Finding these just took me down another path for my collection. Since I had no idea of the existence of a postcard like this, nor the cute way someone is able to communicate with them.  So now when I'm researching or playing around, my eyes 👀 are keen to pick up on these correspondence cards.  I'm hoping to have many more experiences with them.  I could see a whole room in my virtual postcard museum one day.  A girl can dream!

    These first ones, we have to give credit to @Spinich-eater on eBay, YouTube PopeyesPostcards, & WhatNot Live .  I came across his live auctions on WhatNot, which led me to the eBay shop.  Then Had the pleasure to subscribe to his YouTube PopeyesPostcards. I highly recommend his channels and shops.   Just look at these colorful pristine postcards.  Thank you Spinich-eater.  Let us know if you have any other links or favorite resources for enjoying your postcard collection.

It's so inspirational to see other creators prospering with their postcard collections. It's a dream of mine to have a postcard shop/museum. So to see these creators with their postcard empires is motivational for me.  This next year we are working on getting our postcard adventures on twitch live streams as we create postcards for our exchanges and swaps. One day at a time and we'll see what comes of it.  But I feel like if we put it out there into ether, the universe will support it, otherwise it just stays a dream.   

Enjoy these Time Saver Correspondence cards. There will be more of these to come for sure.

I will tell you, trying to keep up with all these new postcards and exchanges has been extremely busy.  It's the happiest kind of busy I've ever been!


LaLa  👋 

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