Friday, September 2, 2022

Unexpected places

During some very quiet downtime at my previous night shift, I went on a hunt for podcasts that would relate to my hobbies. There was very little in the way of quality choices, But there is always the prospector alive in me to look for the diamond in the rough when panning for gold.

The Postcardist, was a sweet surprise of a Postcard Podcast and Blog. The host, Frank, does not partake in exchanges as he has a specific collection with friends.  He did take the time to talk to other Deltiologist, which is always fun to listen to during a quiet stretch.  With a few episodes shared at work, it was decided to send a local landmark to the Postcardist with a thank you for his time to promote the modern postcard collector.  

I highly recommend the podcast of The Postcardist, to go back, to listen to the details and discoveries. He's even had an intriguing mystery gift from a postcard artist. That is a Story & YouTube Video only he can tell.  What the Postcardist has done for me is help me find my own personal interest in postcards to refine my collection. Also, to introduce new exciting participants in postcarding.  

The Postcardist also interviewed Frank, yes Frank interviewed Frank who had inherited a collection and decided to convert the collection into an undertaking, sharing the lovely cards. This interview led me to a postcard conversation with Frank and a request to receive one from his lovely collection.  He is sharing his efforts on IG @fpbpostcard. Frank was very generous to send a postcard out almost a year after the project had completed. I appreciated the graciousness of both postcard collectors.  These early connections help lead me down a happy path to continue building my personal collection, while, enjoying the discovery of others collections.  There are more stories out there, just under the surface of a lovely postcard note.

Hope you'll take the time to send someone a postcard. It's arrival at the destination will bring joy!


To the Postcardist


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