Friday, September 9, 2022

You know who you are!

Cards from Lori Portka 30 days of Thank yous collection

 Work can be a drag, a bummer, or a survival tool.  Luckily, work taught me the incredible power of women who choose to survive. I met a lovely lady at work who changed my life from her inspiration. Those are not the kinds of feelings we just randomly share at work, so It's going to be a series of beautiful cards throughout time.  No one knows the battles of others around us. It takes time to get to know your co-workers on a more personal level. Being blessed to help train some members of staff allowed for a more nurturing relationship between staff.  Lovely K was one of those once in a lifetime personality.  To keep her identity protected, we will call her K. She was training with me in the evening, under some very uncomfortable circumstances. K, sharing her life experiences and story over the course of a couple of weeks, She just reached my heart.  Since changing employment opportunities, I had been missing K and her spirit of courage, and persistence.  It was time to send a message and get an address. Everyone knows what happens next. 
Well, K makes the world prettier.  It was time to tell her.  

Hope you get to feeling better, K.   Hope you liked the card.
You Rock! You Inspire! 
Love you!

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