Friday, August 12, 2022

Postcarding adventures with #WBEspace

Hola, Hola, ๐Ÿ‘‹
Recently, in my ✿ Indie Maker ✿ journey, I reached out to find a community. It was time to be surrounded with people of like mind, who were eager to talk about bootstrapping their way to success. Whatever success looks like for a person, it's valuable to have support during the adventure. Postcards call to me, so I joined a postcard club. Entrepreneurial endeavors call to me, so it was time to be around entrepreneurs, in all stages of achievement. These fellow entrepreneurs are part of a community called “Wannabe Entrepreneur” of which I am a proud member.
Wannabe Entrepreneur

Within the paid community are startup founders, indie hackers, or as you would call them “people” with all different kinds of projects with the same goals. We build projects to help the world be a better place, and hopefully make money to thrive while doing it. It's a wonderful group of people, who are actively checking in to support or give feedback when asked for it. Makers are so generous with their time and resources.

Within the community, I've met another postcard lover from the other side of the world. She has been so gracious to exchange postcards from her travels. I appreciate so very much this series of lively interchanges of poetry and pictures. Luise has been a dynamic part of the WannaBe Entrepreneur Space and Podcast.

Consider yourself encouraged to strike up conversations about postcards anywhere you enjoy visiting with people. Postcard lovers are everywhere. All the more reason to get to sending more. Enjoy!

Just a personal note to Luise, Thank you so much for the postcards and poem. I love all the views of the greatest places in the world. So glad you thought of me, sending a postcard from your trip to Spain. It's an incredible experience being postcard pen pals, as well as the community. Your episode on WannaBe Entrepreneur Podcast is my favorite when you take over the podcast with Wolfy, phenomenal.


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