Thursday, August 18, 2022

PostFun is another way to share.

Exploring all the different avenues when traveling is pretty normal for the adventurous family we come from.  Tales of a touch of gypsy blood, and many destinations to have crossed our path. Now with less travel time, my virtual adventures have been learning how to fit into the deltiology community, exploring all the avenues technology combines with snail mail. 
A random search in Google Play Store, [I'm always putting the keyword postcard into any search bar I can find]  just to see what might come up. I think I was looking for a postcrossing app without any luck, so It was time to shorten the query down to just “post.” or “postcard”.
Finding PostFun was an exciting day for me. The realization that there are other postcard exchange communities has put me in a whirlwind to find more and document as many as possible.  It's the inspiration for building a resource page, and maybe onto a database, so that others can easily find places to look for postcard art, postcard swaps, any and everything postcard, old and new.  
I must admit, our family is getting swept up in the rush of discovering everything postcard.  Hope you are enjoying the travels you take with postcards as well. 

These are some of my latest Sends and Receives from PostFun App.

First Received Card

Note they use a postcard ID which is fun to register when received.

Somewhere I left the Photo side, I cannot find it. Maybe L will scan it in the comments

Maybe She knew what was coming in the post?

Not all of them arrive.

One of the things, from this point on, I've been working on and refining a logo signal for my Mobile Media Mania business. Here next to the Hola Hola ๐Ÿ‘‹  we can watch the progression of the Swan Palm Wave.  Lakeland is known as Swan City from the Swans that were gifted from the Queen. I thought it would be cool to fashion it like a swan waving hello, or hola like I always do online.  

There were quite a few of the WDW Empress Lily that were sent on these PostFun cards. It's been a challenge to figure out how to share them and use them up without becoming a nuisance with the repetition of them.  Fortunately, there is a lovely local artist that is also selling postcards. More about her art in another episode.  LKLDlense definitely has an eye, and shows off the most beautiful aspects of Lakeland.

More Swans here

Lakeland is also famous for the Southgate Arch. One of the early Publix locations began here as well. This is hallowed grown in Lakeland.  Several of these precious Southgate photograph postcards have passed through the snailmail. There are various more waiting to find a new home.  

Hopefully, these brief stories encourage you to take a moment, put a stamp and address on a postcard to send it off.  If you struggle to find someone to send it to, Postfun is very enjoyable postcard fun.

Tell me what you think of it's first version?


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