Sunday, July 31, 2022

Postcarding time Tio Shout out

Post Office, please take it easier on the beautiful pieces of Art 🎨 Love ❣  

    This blog has been a gift from above. I cannot tell you how many times it's pages have snatched me from darker places. I'm not sure exactly how we got here, or who, what, where, when, why, to thank. Ever so be it, Thankful is what comes to mind when a postcard arrives.  They ALWAYS bring a smile to my face and pure joy while reading them. It's an incredible feeling. 

    The last few weeks have been very trialsome personally. No need to go back and analyse or recall.  Now, we are on the brighter side of it.  I've received several cards in my PO box throughout the last 2 months.  There are so many people to shout out, and thanks for sharing postcards with me.  I love all of you. Please be assured, I will scan and post every single one of them until my last breath.  

    The commitment I have to the postcard, postcrossing, postfun, postcard pen pal community is undeniable. Even my family has been so supportive and encouraging in regard to the progress of the collection. The blog is so inspiring. This week, we passed 20,000 visitors to  It's such an amazing experience. 

    With that milestone, We just want to tell you how much we appreciate your contribution to the collection and the experiences of exchanging/swapping/mailing/posting postcards. Thank you for sharing this grand hobby. Thank you for taking the time to send a postcard to someone and say hello. Thank you for waiting timelessly for a response. It is a great honour to know you and to share this great journey with you.  Bless you for your postcards, and again I thank you!

L J Artica


PS. If you know details about locations and interesting items on the postcards, please reach out and help us fill in the blanks. [A little postcard humor too]


Friday, July 22, 2022

City Auditorium Lakeland Florida

From the bustling metropolis of Polk County, comes this Tichnor Bro. Linen Postcard. The shadow of the print glows through onto the address side. Dear Hubby led me to this one at the Silvermoon Theater Swap n Shop [not the theater mentoned on the card]. He almost bought a whole box full of these, bless his heart.  One is plenty. Though I should have purchased a few more for postcrossing.
Lovely card, and unused. The description is somewhat humorous to me because it starts off so strong on all the luxury of Lakeland, and finishes with the advantages of the utilities.  Glad someone had the forethought to build those luxuries here. I've been here off and on since 1992. This area in Florida is very appealing. Here in the center of the state, we are close to everything that matters in a big way, yet still manage to keep what matters in a small way prized.  It is growing here quickly tho.... If you ever get a chance, do visit our modern, antique air-conditioned  moving picture house at the Polk Theatre. It is a treasure. If I've not shared a card of it already, it will pop up here eventually. So be it!

Always sending peace and love

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Friday, July 15, 2022

Good Old Days Army Postmark



As exploration of the collection grows, and purchases are growing as well, It has become time to learn more about the science of postcards
Also check out↠↠Here
While there are good references to check for many postcards, little history is online. PostcardHistory[dot]net has a tremendous amount of information. Yet, I still found mostly only sale sites when I searched for MWM Gc426 color lithograph. 
The process of printing cards back a century ago, I find fascinating and hope to learn more with each antique from the collection.  Some of these will someday also be for sale, and I had wished to provide more details when the shop opens up.  
The humor, too, is often challenging to get? But the juicy details are often in the address side. This note back to mom and pop thru the Army examiner APO and somehow didn't require a stamp.  But both front and back are lovely. The artwork so detailed. Hard to think that someone created it and it traveled the world or the country for 1¢ or 2¢.  And it sent such greetings from a loved one, or could bring such relief.  
Send a postcard today.
Lift someone's spirits. 
I got these this week to say goodbye to my amazing co-workers and move onto my next position. 
You're the Best!

Friday, July 8, 2022

Boats at Rest Shout-out @ Christopher Arndt

 More views from the Welcome pack that we purchased with
The quality of these cards cannot be stated enough. They are exquisite. The stock is sturdy, the designs are beautiful. Very well-made and very enjoyable.  I highly recommend these for postcrossing. I am not an affiliate, though I would love to be one, because I love these cards. In fact, I will write them tonight!
I don't know If I will be able to part with some of these cards for postcrossing. A couple my stay for my collection!


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Friday, July 1, 2022

Not all JUNK.... Read the fineprint.

 It's so very important to take the time and note what is arriving in the mail.  Official notice can surprise you. For some time, the Capital has been trying to find relief for those with Student loan debt. This is also something that affects me personally. Though my debt is not unmaintainable, it has been a force to challenge me. During the lean years of the recession of 2008-2010, options that were presented to assist with my financial loads, did very little to ease the burden. It has since come to light that the remedy in times past were not done properly. Enough people spoke up, which I am appreciative of, because it manifested this small note in the mail in the form of a postcard. It bears good news. We Won. Though just a smidgen, we won. This card announces our triumph.  So look closely at those cards. They might be the bearer of good news too!