Friday, June 3, 2022

Postcrossing Shout Out US-8411599


The First Arrival

The address Side

The Stamp

Finally!  The arrival of the 1st postcard exchange from Postcrossing. You can see it proudly displayed on my member wall HERE This really is an exciting hobby full of connection and adventure.  The lovely message and recommendation to visit the Iao Monument.  This is the epitome of a great postcard conversation. 
I do find it odd that many people who share postcards do not share the address side of the card. I guess, to keep a conversation private between individuals. My thoughts differ on this, as its great examples that instruct new ones of how they can begin crafting conversations and relationships.  Of course, there are reasons to take precaution and protect the sender.  This I do believe is necessary. But this arrival postcard is addressed to me at my secure PO Box.  
Hope you enjoy the beautiful, delicate stamp as well. I've just begun to notice the intricate artwork of stamps.  The whole experience is positively joyful!
Hope you will take a moment to reach out to someone with a postcard.


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