Friday, June 17, 2022

Shout Out to Brendon D @work

Thanks to Brenden D.

Thanks to Brenden D.

The people you meet are who take you to the places you go.  The experiences in our lives are there because of an interaction with someone, somewhere, at some point. It has taught me to treasure people who pass through my life, whether for a lifetime, or for a moment. Most of all, it's important to be kind  because we never know what someone else is dealing with on the inside.  At this point in my life, I no longer believe in chance interactions. Everyone was there for a reason and to teach me something.  If only I would have paid attention sooner.  
I’ve met plenty of people through the customer service based occupations I've held. Work is a great place to really get to know people on a deeper level. You spend the majority of your time with co-workers. If you go in with the default to love for your work team, amazing things happen. You can always opt-out people that don't accept your love later, should the need arise.
I met a young man at work. In our job, Brenden D and I came across each other's path from time to time. I was a clerk and he a driver. So his time in the building was short in comparison to other teammates. Many days, he would just pop through, quickly speak a greeting and put his equipment away. Always very friendly, yet still swiftly so. After a year or so of simple greetings, came a day of relaxed routine. It gave way to conversation, as had happened occasionally before. He had shared his military history and travel history. A few other interests that we share came up from time to time. This week there was a joy about him, a relief or excitement. He shared that he was traveling to New York and how he hoped to spend his vacation journey there. We talked about the Towers and how he should, if possible, take the opportunity to visit the Memorial there. I had seen them as a young girl, and had not been back since the tragedy. I urged him, that if he wasn't comfortable taking pictures with this phone, to be sure to get himself a postcard as a great reminder of his adventure. Then he was on his way.
Vacation came and went, He returned, it appeared reluctantly, back to work. Our time to visit was always encumbered by a full office or the ticking to get off the clock.  It really seemed like ages before we had the opportunity to visit again. When the day came, we picked right back up where we had left off. His vacation was grand. He was overjoyed to have remembered the postcard. He had been carrying it in his truck with him for weeks, with the intention of presenting it to our collection.  It was such a joy to receive his gift.  It may seem like such a small thing, but it truly brought him so much joy, to pick out a beautiful card from his destination, carry it home, and all the other little steps he took to present it to a nice ol' lady at work who tried to strike up a conversation with a co-worker.  
Brenden's chronicle isn't about a postcard. It's the default to love. It's what opens the doors between people who you otherwise would have never known or met. I appreciate Brenden, he knows it, just from my actions daily. I know it from his. A postcard from New York is the evidence.  

Thank you Brenden D!

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