Friday, May 13, 2022

San Salvador - ShoutOut Sunshine Postcard Club


Hotel Nuevo Mundo, San Salvador

Tarjeta Postal

Santuario de N. Sra. de Guadalupe, San Salvador

Tarjeta Postal

These lovely postcards were my great pleasure to find at the local Sunshine Postcard Club Show for April 2022.  It was my first time attending a postcard show and being an introvert I thought it might be challenging. But the gathering of deltiologists' was such a rewarding, fun day. 

There were tables with boxes and boxes of postcards to peruse. I didn't even know where to start. Everyone was so kind to point out the different collections available. It was so enjoyable, joining the club was necessary. 

This journey of postcard collecting has truly become a joyous addiction. And as we found out a couple of weeks ago, DHubby approved. All there is to do now is, keep documenting those beautiful postcard finds, send out more postcards, and possibly set up a page to sell the extras.  I found a whole box of cards at the flea market. Going through them is the most fun I have had all year. 

Hope to see your part of the world soon


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