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Colonial Motel Weiser Idaho

Purchased @ Crows Nest Postcards

Purchased @ Crows Nest Postcards

 This was a welcome addition to my personal collection. It was just part of a random search online for postcards from Weiser, Idaho.  I spent my formative years and went to High School in Idaho.  It's a place that has fond memories and really shaped the person I turned out to be. Many years have passed since I've been back to what, I consider, one of my hometowns.  I haven't seen it, smelled the wheat field harvest, the alfalfa and onions. Obviously, I miss it.  So it seemed like a logical place to add to my Postcard collection. I wasn't even sure if there were any Weiser Postcards out there. It is a small town. 

So, I found this Vintage Postcard of the Famous and Fabulous Colonial Motel.  I personally never stayed there. But I lived a couple of blocks away and drove past it very, very often.  It's on the main trek into town, so it was hard to miss. 

This postcard is so colorful, the artwork displays it perfectly, as I remember. The linen feel is amazing and the details in the painting with the antique style is awesome.  It was love at first site online and pure romance once it arrived here with the collection. It will eventually have a favored perch in a special display.  I'm afraid that many of my Idaho and California postcards may get this designation. Until then, it is here on my desk, waiting for its place.  

Hope you will consider checking out Crows Nest Postcards. I was very pleased with my purchase. #MyPicturePostcards is not an affiliate, we just love their postcards and services. 

Hope to see your part of the world soon!

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