Sunday, April 17, 2022

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Happy Children Postcards

Happy Children Postcards

Dear Hubby and I have a wonderful relationship. He is a daytripper, otherwise known as a lark, =gets up very early to go to work 6 days a week.  That means his body does not know how to sleep in on Sunday morning.  I, on the other hand, am a shift worker or forced night owl. Nighttime is when my brain ignites with creative energy. DHubby understands this and appreciates our differences as much as our similarities. I also understand his nature to get up early.  So, DHubby goes to a nearby flea market (Pulga) early Sunday morning and lets me sleep in from my creation adventures the night before on my only night off. This ritual is usually uneventful, looking at tools, or guy stuff that he "Stuffs" into the tool shop. I rarely see his great finds.  But He had a big find for me this morning while I was enjoying my snooze. It must have been very difficult for him to contain his joy, waiting for me to get up & be ready for the surprise.  

Not to prolong the fun, this surprise was a loving response to yesterday's postcarding adventures, which will be shared on the YouTube Channel and blog next month. (It does take me a little time to edit and photograph, organize, and write about each Postcard quest, as I do everything alone, or so it seemed, until today!) To explain one more aspect, DHubby does not read or write English. He was not afforded the opportunity to go to school in his country. More about that in an upcoming postcard quest, too.  So with those challenges, he still managed to work around them, sharing this most lovely and quite romantic postcard from his flea find=pulga postales.

When we went off this morning for our weekly grocery trip, I plopped myself directly behind the steering wheel, as usual, and found this absolutely stunning postcard, perched on top, waiting for my view to catch it in site. Ever so sly and silent, yet grinning from ear to ear, DHubby playing sheepishly about where this exquisite piece came from. He was so cute, as I was bubbling with appreciation and amazement.

For us, these childhood loves, really represent DHubby and I. He has been so supportive in this journey to explore my postcard collection. This just affirmed that yesterday's news from my postcarding adventures were welcome. He is happy to see me happy with this Postcard project, despite it growing and consuming time. He is fully behind every aspect of what it takes to film shout out videos, put postcards out in the post, getting stamps, cute markers, washi tapes, stickers, and anything else, as I grow this cherished postcard expedition.  We are so very blessed, and I am #Grateful4 both DHubby, the family, and this postcard experience we are sharing together.  

This postcard has the most favored spot of all, here in my special creator space. It is front and center, withing arm's reach,  right next to my roll of postcard stamps.  

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