Friday, March 25, 2022

Beware Who You Buy From! Vintage Postcard Fakes

 Quick story
I love postcards, and I started a blog to show my collection of postcards. Then I came across someone on FB/Meta marketplace selling a storage unit he had inherited. Guess what it had inside? Thousands of postcards that he was just going to dump if he couldn't find a buyer. He did find eventual buyers, NOT me, but it set me off on an adventure looking for smaller collectors of antique postcards. 
Surprisingly, there are many, once one begins looking.  I was selling other things on eBay, so It was one of the first platforms I looked to buy postcards.  DO NOT DO THIS!
I do not recommend eBay for postcards.  Just look at how this postcard purchase turned out. These are marketed as antique postcards. However,  these are newly printed and treated card stock. They have photos of antique experiences from around the world, and they are tea stained to appear antique.
Take this lesson from a newbie, Beware of where you buy from.  It was a challenging experience and I kept the cards for the reminder. They are not bad cards, they were just misrepresented, and they took forever to arrive since they were manufactured in China. 
Enjoy the Pretty Pictures tho!
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Friday, March 18, 2022

Abacus Corvus Artwork- North Carolina Trip


These series of postcards were a gift from my daughter's anniversary trip to North Carolina. 

It is beautiful artwork and these postcards mean very much to me. 

Thank you Sweetheart.

Friday, March 11, 2022

ShoutOut to Katmandud from The New Social Media Postcard Blog

Had a fun experience exchanging cards with Katmandud from r/PostCardExchange.  

Purely a positive adventure.  

Shout out to Kat B aka Katmandud

Postmark and Stamp

Postitivity ✈  Love This Note!

Such a beautiful Card with Lovely Sentiments.  Thank you Kat!