Sunday, October 3, 2021

Inspirational Surprise- Always #ShopLocal First!

Artist Emily Plank of Artfully Em Sold at Stationery Loft, Lakeland Florida


We were browsing thru the local Downtown shops and came across this beautiful stationery from a local artist. It depicts a local historic landmark that I recently have been having a nostalgic crush on. This Parabolic arch was established in the 50's here in Lakeland and was part of cultural change back in those decades that is pivoting towards a new type of industrial revolution. This location is part of a vision I have to grow and support local creators in a unique and unusual way.  This Postcard blog will be a big part of the vision and we hope to reveal more and more as the pieces of it fall into alignment. 

Blessings to Ms Emily Plank for her art, and Bless Stationery Loft for all they do in our beautiful community.  We hope to see a continued advancement of the creator culture here. What a future indeed!


Artist Emily Plank of Artfully Em Sold at Stationery Loft, Lakeland Florida

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Let's be PenPals

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