Sunday, October 2, 2022

Follow up

 Just to let everyone know, we made it through the Hurricane Ian without any major damages. No losses on the collection or anything else.  Many of our neighbors in Florida are not as fortunate as we were. Please take a moment and use reputable charity organizations to help Floridians get back to their homes and rebuild.  It really hit home for me as i was looking specifically for postcards of Sarasota, to take to the Sunshine PostCard Club event next weekend, Oct 8th.  I have not heard if the person I'm holding these postcards for is okay or even has a home at this point.  

Please, consider helping Florida Hurricane survivors. Thank you for your support!


Siesta Key in the 70s

Monday, September 26, 2022

Just a quick note Sept 2022

 Hola HolaπŸ‘‹

Your Life is more important that your postcard collection.

So.... Here, in Florida, We will be skipping this weeks post due to bugging out for Hurricane Ian.
We had hoped to go to the Tropical Postcard Event in Pompano on Saturday, but the trajectory of the storm makes it impossible for us to attend.  We also were looking forward to getting to the Sunshine Postcard Club event the following weekend. Time will only tell after the storm passes, if this is possible.

It is our gracious wishes that everyone here in Florida, take the precaution to prepare for the storm. Our thoughts are with everyone, please be safe. Hope to see you next week with another postcard tale.


LaLa πŸ‘‹

Friday, September 23, 2022

Cypress Garden History Captured

Found these beauties at the Swap o Rama in Webster Florida.  They were the gems from a box full of vintage cards I found.  Don't think I will be selling these. They are staying in my personal collection. Maybe one day they will be part of a Postcard Museum I would hope to build. 
Plenty of time..... 
It's an awesome pool.... right?!

LaLa 🀟